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Publications:  Prof Wayne Morrison

Morrison W(2017). Representing Law in the Holocaust or seeking the unrepresented: undoing the Legacy of Nuremberg. Ranciere and Law, Routledge
Morrison W(2017). Ghosts of War Crimes Past: An account from the Front Line in Bangladesh. Injustice, Memory and Faith in Human Rights, Routledge
Morrison W(2016). Looking into the Abyss: Bangladesh, Critical Criminology and Globalization. Green Harms and Crimes Critical Criminology in a Changing World, Springer
MORRISON WJ(2015). Normative visibility and artistic resistance to War. Criminology and War: Transgressing the Borders, Routledge
MORRISON WJ(2014). War and Normative Visibility: Interactions in the Nomos. Invisible Crimes and Social harms, Palgrave Macmillan
MORRISON WJ(2010). A reflected gaze of humanity: Cultural criminology and images of genocide. Framing Crime: Cultural criminology and images of genocide, Editors: Hayward, KJ, Presdee, M,
MORRISON WJ, Gearey A, Jago R(2009). The politics of the common law: perspectives, rights, processes, institutions. Routledge-Cavendish
MORRISON WJ(2006). Criminology, Civilisation and the New World Order. Routledge-Cavendish (Abingdon, Oxon),
MORRISON WJ(2005). Rethinking Narratives of Penal Change in Global Context. The New Punitiveness: Trends, Theories, Perspectives, Editors: Pratt, J, Brown, D, Brown, M, Hallsworth, S et al., Willan (Collumpton, Devon),
Morrison W(2004). 'Reflections with memories': Everyday photography capturing genocide. THEOR CRIMINOL vol. 8, (3) 341-358.
MORRISON WJ, Ferrell J, Presedee M, Hayward K(2004). Cultural Criminology Unleashed. Glasshouse (London),
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MORRISON WJ(2003). Criminology, Genocide and Modernity: Remarks on the Companion that Criminology Ignored. Blackwell Companion to Criminology, Editors: Sumner, C, Blackwell (Oxford),
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