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Publications:  Dr Dino Distefano

MALACARIA P, TAUTCHNING M, DISTEFANO D (2016) . Information leakage analysis of complex C code and its application to OpenSSL. Conference: 7th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications (CORFU) from: 10/10/2016 to: 14/10/2016,
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Distefano D, Dubreil J (2013) . Detecting Data Races on OpenCL Kernels with Symbolic Execution.CoRR vol. abs/1308.3203,
Distefano D (2012) . A Voyage to the Deep-Heap. SAS. Conference: 19th International Symposium, SAS 2012 (Deauville, France) from: 11/09/2012 to: 12/09/2012, 3-3.
Dias RJ, Distefano D, Seco JAC et al. (2012) . Verification of Snapshot Isolation in Transactional Memory Java Programs. ECOOP. 640-664-640-664.
Calcagno C, Distefano D, O'Hearn PW et al. (2011) . Compositional Shape Analysis by Means of Bi-Abduction.Journal of the ACM vol. 58, (6) Article ARTN 26,
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Bormer T, Brockschmidt M, Distefano D et al. (2011) . The COST IC0701 Verification Competition 2011. FoVeOOS. Editors: Beckert, B, Damiani, F, Gurov, D, vol. 7421, 3-21.
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Distefano D (2005) . A parametric model for the analysis of mobile ambients. PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES AND SYSTEMS, PROCEEDINGS. Editors: Yi, K, vol. 3780, 401-417.
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Distefano D, Rensink A, Katoen JP (2002) . Model checking birth and death. FOUNDATIONS OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN THE ERA OF NETWORK AND MOBILE COMPUTING. Editors: BaezaYates, R, Montanari, U, Santoro, N, vol. 96, 435-447.
Grigore R, Distefano D, Petersen RL et al.. Runtime Verification Based on Register Automata.
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