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Publications:  Dr Brendan Curran

Moraitis C, Curran BPG (2010) . Differential effects of hydrogen peroxide and ascorbic acid on the aerobic thermosensitivity of yeast cells grown under aerobic and anoxic conditions.YEAST vol. 27, (2) 103-114.
Moraitis C, Curran BPG (2007) . Can the different heat shock response thresholds found in fermenting and respiring yeast cells be attributed to their differential redox states?.YEAST vol. 24, (8) 653-666.
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Moraitis C, Curran BPG (2004) . Reactive oxygen species may influence the heat shock response and stress tolerance in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.YEAST vol. 21, (4) 313-323.
CURRAN BPG (2003) . A terrible beauty is born : clones, genes and the future of mankind.Taylor and Francis (London and New York),
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Chatterjee MT, Khalawan SA, Curran BPG (2001) . Subtle alterations in growth medium composition can dramatically alter the percentage of unsaturated fatty acids in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.YEAST vol. 18, (1) 81-88.
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