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Publications:  Prof Jeremy Brotton

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BROTTON JR. 'The eye of history: Marc Quinn's new cosmology', in Marc Quinn, 'The Littoral Zone', exhibition catalogue, Musee Oceanographique de Monaco, 2012. pp. 25-28. Notes: Four-page introductory essay on Marc Quinn's international exhibition, 'The Littoral Zone, Monaco, May-October 2012. Can not verify from info online 10/08/2012,
BROTTON JR, Lowe, A. Penelope's Labour: Weaving Words and Images.Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice. , from: 30/05/2011 to: 18/09/2011, Abstract: java.sql.Clob org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.WrappedClob , Number of pieces: 21, Notes: Catalogue already verified but can not verify that the exhibition is curated by PROF JERRY R BROTTON, 10/08/2012 AC,
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