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Publications:  Dr Shahidha Bari

Bari S(2019). Dressed The Secret Life of Clothes. Jonathan Cape
Bari S(2016). Keats in Context. Keats in Context, Editors: O'Neill, M, vol. 1, Cambridge University Press (Cambridge),
BARI SK(2013). Listening for Leila: The Re-direction of Desire in Byron's The Giaour. European Romantic Review vol. 24, (6) Article 5, 699-721.
BARI SK(2012). Lyrics and Love Poems: Poems to Sophia Stacey, Jane Williams and Mary Shelley. The Oxford Handbook of Shelley Studies, Editors: O'Neill, M, Howe, A, Callaghan, M, OUP Oxford (Oxford),
BARI SK(2012). Keats and Philosophy: The Life of Sensations. Routledge
BARI SK(2011). Being in the Care of Philosophy: Thinking about Rachel Corrie. New Formations vol. 70, Article 1, 7-22.
BARI SK(2009). Feeling Friendship: Keats’s “This Living Hand” and the Sonnets on the Elgin Marbles. The Hand of the Interpreter: Essays on Meaning after Theory, Editors: Jarosinski, E, Mitrano, M, Verlag Peter Lang (Oxford),
BARI SK(2008). Living On After Derrida. Naked Punch (11) 7-10.
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