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Publications:  Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith

WATT-SMITH TK(2016). ‘Of Hats and Scientific Laughter’ in Staging Science: Scientific Performance on Street, Stage and Screen, ed. Martin Willis (Palgrave Macmillan, June 2016).
WATT-SMITH TK(2015). The Book of Human Emotions. Profile Books
WATT-SMITH TK(2014). On Flinching. Theatricality and Scientific Looking from Darwin to Shell-Shock. Oxford University Press
WATT-SMITH TK(2013). Cardboard, Conjuring and 'A Very Curious Experiment'. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews vol. 38, (4)
WATT-SMITH TK (2011). Laughter and Control. The History of Emotions Blog
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WATT-SMITH TK(2011). Henry Head and the Theatre of Reverie. 19: interdisciplinary studies in the long nineteenth century vol. 12, Article 7,
Watt-Smith T(2010). Darwin's flinch: Sensation theatre and scientific looking in 1872. Journal of Victorian Culture vol. 15, (1) 101-118.
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