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Publications:  Prof Claire Preston

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Preston C(2014). ‘Meer nomenclature’ and the description of order inThe Garden of Cyrus. Renaissance Studies vol. 28, (2) 298-316.
PRESTON C(2013). Big Dig: Dugdale's drainage and the dregs of England. Encyclopaedism from Antiquity to the Renaissance, Editors: Konig, J, Woolf, G, Cambridge University Press (Cambridge),
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PRESTON C(2013). Utopian Intelligences: Scientific Correspondence and Christian Virtuosos. Debating the Faith: Religion and Letter-Writing in Great Britain, 1550-1800, Editors: Dunan-Page, A, Prunier, C, vol. 209, Springer (Dordrecht),
PRESTON C(2008). 'An Incomium of Consumptions': A Letter to a Friend as Medical Narrative’. Sir Thomas Browne: The World Proposed, Editors: Barbour, R, Preston, C, Oxford University Press (Oxford),
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