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Publications:  Dr China Hanson

Hanson CA, Müller AL, Loy A, Dona C, Appel R, Jørgensen BB, Hubert CRJ(2019). Historical Factors Associated With Past Environments Influence the Biogeography of Thermophilic Endospores in Arctic Marine Sediments. Frontiers in Microbiology vol. 10,
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HANSON CA, Horner-Devine CM, Martiny JBH, Fuhrman JA(2013). Microbial Biogeography. Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, Edition. Second Edition,
Hanson CA, Fuhrman JA, Horner-Devine MC, Martiny JBH(2012). Beyond biogeographic patterns: processes shaping the microbial landscape. Nat Rev Microbiol vol. 10, (7) 497-506.
Goldfarb KC, Karaoz U, Hanson CA, Santee CA, Bradford MA, Treseder KK, Wallenstein MD, Brodie EL(2011). Differential growth responses of soil bacterial taxa to carbon substrates of varying chemical recalcitrance. Front Microbiol vol. 2,
Hanson CA, Allison SD, Bradford MA, Wallenstein MD, Treseder KK(2008). Fungal Taxa Target Different Carbon Sources in Forest Soil. ECOSYSTEMS vol. 11, (7) 1157-1167.
Allison SD, Hanson CA, Treseder KK(2007). Nitrogen fertilization reduces diversity and alters community structure of active fungi in boreal ecosystems. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY vol. 39, (8) 1878-1887.
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